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    Is not just about a product, is about your health

    What is Moringa? Well, you can find many thing writing Moringa on google, you will find things about the properties, like in our blog, you will find things like people selling different kind of products, an explanation about the benefits.

    Well, all is true, but we want to let you know that Moringa is not just a plant, Moringa is not just capsules for nutrition and get healthy and strong. Moringa is more than everything that, but including all you can find outside.

    For Moringa Long Island, and Moringa Products, Moringa is a lifestyle, is a git from God for us, because we are not just selling a product, we are caring about your health, your daily energy to survive on this world full of obstacles and goals to reach. We are the best friends of your muscles, your blood, your internal organism, your skin, and your beautiful hair. We are people that lives everyday worried to be better in our life and we not just think in ourselves, we think of you.

    Be part of our community and learn more about our products. How can you know if it’s good if you don’t try it?


    Moringa vs Energetic Beverages

    In our last post you can see that Moringa is more than just a product we want to sale. The idea of Moringa Long Island is to give you a community, a friend, an ally of your health.

    We have 5 points to show you why Moringa is better than an energetic beverage, that sometimes you have to drink to boost your energy. We understand that life sometimes is to exigent, and we need to give our body a push to get the goal before the weekend.

    1. Energetic beverages are made with caffeine, vitamins and organic substances. Moringa is natural, extracted from Oleifera plant and it doesn’t need any supplement to act.

    2. They are made to give the customers relief to exhaust and fatigue, but when the effects goes away, you feel slow again or worse. Is because the use of glucose and other sugars you feel new energy to your body, but the sensation of this components is temporary. The properties of Moringa are all natural, and the sensations comes from iron and the other natural vitamins and minerals on it.

    3. Caffeine produces dependence, that is why you keep consuming these products. Our products will make you feel better because they are good for your body, is not the same need than dependence.

    4. The sensation you feel of goodness is because psychoactive components, they act on the nervous system, is other point why is temporary the sensation. Moringa goes directly to your body with its nutrition components: iron for muscles and blood, vitamin A for sight, potassium for pressure, calcium for bones, etc.

    5. These beverages are expensives and Moringa can give heal and strength for a while.

    Fact #5: 9 times more Protein than Yogurt

    Following on the Moringa Nutrition Facts, today we will talk about the level of protein contained on our products.

    First, we have to check the definition of Protein, the reference is from Wikipedia.

    They are large biological molecules consisting of one or more chains of amino acids. Proteins perform a vast array of functions within living organisms, including catalyzing metabolic reactions, replicating DNA, responding to stimuli, and transporting molecules from one location to another.

    Well, something that everyone can understand, and is what matter to us, they are essentials for the grown and maintenance of the whole body tissue. All people practicing some sport, but more about weight lifting, they take proteins to make the muscles grow faster. But is not only for people practicing sports or exercising, is for help to maintenance your body always strong and healthy.

    Whatever you do, if you only need proteins to be healthy, or if you go to the gym and one a natural help, Moringa is what you need, because when you take a Moringa capsule, or Moringa Powder on your drink, you are getting 9 times more than yogurt can give you, and in a natural way.

    Moringa provides everything to heal and to be stronger, to maintenance and recovery. Is a complete super food for all ages people.

    The Uses of some of Moringa’s Parts

    On this topic we want to share with you some of the uses of Moringa by varios cultures (African, Asian, America).

    The information was taken from the book Moringa Introduction, written by Monica G. Marcu, and you can get it on our website clicking here.

    General Tonic General Tonic   Tonic
    Anti-inflammatory Anti-inflammatory Anti-inflammatory Anti-inflammatory
    Anti-cancer Anti-cancer Anti-cancer  
    Diuretic Diuretic   Treats bladder problems
    Antibacterial Antibacterial   Antibacterial
    Antihelmintic (1) Antihelmintic Antihelmetic  
    Reduce fever Antibiotic   Reduce fever
    Reduce headache      
    Laxative     Laxative
    Anti-Anemic     Treat scurvy (2)
    Increase milk production      
    Relaxant sedactive      

    Note: Roots and bark are also used in a variety of ways for healing.

    (1) Induce parasite eliminations (kills parasites and their eggs).
    (2) A life-threatening disease due to deficiency of vitamin C.

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    Moringa = Energy

    As much as you might want to, you can’t accomplish your daily or life goals unless you have the energy to attack your to-do list. Those lists tend to get longer as time passes.You can choose sweets, caffeine and other energy boosting products – but they will only lift you high and then pull you down. They are not natural nor enduring. Moringa, on the other hand, provides you with the natural energy supply that has stood the test of time. It originates from a plant that is found in the mountainous area near Afghanistan, India, Pakistan and Bangladesh; which is a tropical region. Every part of this sub-Himalayan plant is used to provide cure to many body ailments. Amongst those is low energy. Quite literally the leaves, bark, flowers, seeds, root, fruit – they are all laden with a host of nutrients. Included in that is a natural supply of energy that nourishes the body while it goes to work. The Moringa capsules are developed with the greatest concentration of the nutrient in pill form.

    Many are making this superfood capsule a vital part of their daily routine. There used to be a layman’s term for loss of energy, or low energy. Some older people still refer to this anemia as “tired blood.” Whatever term you use, Moringa can boost the body. As a body tonic or nourishing supplement, it is hard to match.

    Oil from Moringa is even beneficial. Sometimes oil from the plant is found in foods. If you see the ingredient listed on food packaging, you will likely benefit from an energy boost after eating that food product.

    Essentially, Moringa is a food source, and an inexpensive one at that. Those in depressed countries can plant it and harvest it cheaply. People who would otherwise starve are being nourished with this energy booster and life sustainer. For example, seeds can be cooked in ways similar to different varieties of beans. The leaves can be cooked like the popular Popeye favorite vegetable – spinach. And you know that he got lots of power to take on his enemies once he downed this veggie.

    Not to put too fine appoint on this, but Moringa can be dried and crushed to power form. From there it can be sprinkled onto foods as a condiment. More energy, in a different form.

    The leaves are rich with vitamins and minerals when they are allowed to dry. It would be hard to go wrong with Moringa, as it is one of nature’s bountiful blessings in a myriad of ways.

    If you look up this plant in an internet search, you will discover that it is being used in healthy snack foods by a number of companies. This includes energy bars and the like.

    One of the best ways to get the right level of Moringa into your body is to take the Moringa capsules. It’s fast and effective, and it will fuel you for the demands of you!